How to Embrace Healthier Living

Many of us are familiar with the health benefits of eating right, getting exercise and cutting back on unhealthy drinks but sometimes trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle is easier said than done, particularly when you just want to enjoy life! There are ways to embrace healthier living and still enjoy yourself. Getting fit doesn’t need to be strenuous and eating better can be enjoyable too, read on to find out how:

Experiment with your food

A healthy diet doesn’t need to be dull; no-one wants to eat the same salads and soups over and over again. Try experimenting with your food by getting in the kitchen and trying new recipes. When you need to up your fruit intake, have a go at making your own smoothies! There are thousands of delicious smoothie recipes to be found online, mixing your favorite fruits with sweet treats like chocolate and vanilla. Healthy living is about taking a balanced approach to food, so this doesn’t mean cutting out everything indulgent. Dining should be an enjoyable experience and not something you stress about. Not feeling brave in the kitchen? Sign-up to a local cookery class to learn more about healthy cuisine whilst meeting new people.

Find your perfect exercise activity

If the thought of exercise fills you with dread, you’re not alone; many people fear the pain, sweat and discipline that is associated with keeping in shape but it doesn’t have to be this way! The key to enjoying your exercise routine is to find an activity that you enjoy. For those who enjoy peace and quiet, solitary activities like jogging are ideal. Whilst those who’d rather socialize whilst they burn calories will enjoy dance workouts and Zumba classes. Don’t overlook the benefits of a brisk walk or bike ride either. Electric bikes are a brilliant purchase for those looking to travel further afield and would like extra support when they’re out of energy! You will be able to find electric bikes in London, Manchester, Birmingham and all other major cities.

Be a little lazier

That’s right, to really improve your well-being you can afford to be a little lazier! In today’s modern society it’s often go, go, go; it’s harder than ever to switch off from the outside work with friends, family and colleagues just a click of the smartphone away but getting the right amount of rest, relaxation and sleep is vital in maintaining peak health. Make time to unwind each evening and try to get at least 7-8 hours kip every night.

Think before you drink

What we drink can have a drastic impact on our health, and it’s not just about cutting back on the sugary drinks you enjoy. Plenty of water is essential to the functioning of our body and when you’re fully hydrated you will notice a marked improvement on your appearance and energy levels in particular. Those who are drinking enough are also less likely to over eat; thirst can often be mistaken for hunger.

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Stop the Spread of Germs During Flu Season

It’s a fact of life that germs live everywhere. No matter how many bottles of sanitizer you have, there is no way to get rid of them completely. However odd that may sound, it’s actually a good thing. We need some germs in our environment. Being exposed to germs actually helps boost our immune system. That being said, when you are in the middle of flu season and everybody around you seems to be sick, it’s wise to get rid of all the germs you can. Let’s look at some of the best way to stop the spread of germs during flu season.

The number one thing that most health practitioners will tell you is to wash your hands, and wash them often. Wash them for about 20 seconds. Children can do this by singing “Happy Birthday” two times as they are washing their hands. If you can’t get to a sink to wash your hands, keep a container of antibacterial gel handy.

Use antibacterial wipes on surfaces that are touched often. These can become your best friend during flu season. Common places that germs like to lurk are:

If you are sick, chances are that your nose and mouth are where your germs are lurking. If you touch your face and then touch another surface, guess what? You are spreading your germs. If you do happen to touch your face, be sure to wash your hands or use antibacterial gel.

This is simple math. The more people there are in a given space, the more germs there will be. During flu season, it is likely that germs that will make you sick are all over the place in a large crowd. There will likely be coughing, sneezing, touching – you name it.

This is common sense, but many people feel the need to be working and running errands when it is obvious they should be home in bed. If you are sick, try to quarantine yourself as much as you can. If you are an employer, don’t make an employee feel guilty if he/she is staying home sick. If that person comes to work sick and spreads those germs to fellow employees, you are going to have even more people sick.

A healthy body is more easily able to fight off germs. It sounds cliché, but eating fruits and vegetables, drinking a lot of water and getting plenty of rest are all ways to help stave off sickness. Your body will be more able to ward off invading germs if it is given the tools to do so.

Most of the things that we can do to ward off the bad germs are common sense. It just takes a little bit of time and effort on our part. The 30 seconds it takes to wipe down our office space and the 20 seconds it takes to wash our hands is well worth it if it fights off a week in bed with the flu.

Jamie has written for many years about a variety of topics. She especially enjoys writing about health, cleaning up your environment and family issues. She was lucky enough not to get the flu this year, and credits the use of these simple tips.

Treating Hormonal Imbalance

It is vital that your body is in a constant state of balance which is commonly referred to as homeostasis. A lack or excess in hormones inhibits your body from optimal functionality – hormones regulate your body. Your body is built with involuntary repairing processes and mechanisms which are activated by hormones. Hormones are tiny chemical mailmen that carry messages from one cell to another. Every bodily function is signaled by our hormones. Even our appearance (looking male or female) is dictated by our hormones. Our hormones are so powerful that the genetic makeup of a cell can be permanently altered by a trace amount. This is why your body is affected by the smallest fluctuation in hormonal levels. Those short fluctuations can be asymptomatic (no symptoms present) but those with prolonged instability can exhibit a lot of symptoms such as:

For men, excess hormones present dictates weight gain, acne and more. A lack of hormones present leads to bone loss, weight loss, high blood sugar, memory loss, hair loss, and more.

For women, excess hormones present may exhibit weight gain and acne. A lack of hormones leads to weight loss, bones loss, high blood sugar, hot flashes, osteoporosis and more.

If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned signs and symptoms accompanied by fatigue, depression, or headaches, the first step you should take would be to consult a physician who is going to advise you with the appropriate diagnostic tests to pinpoint the problem. The reason for this is that the symptoms mentioned are very general and can point to any number of diseases or conditions that may or may not have anything to do with hormonal imbalance. Often, a simple urinalysis and blood work is all that is needed. If you are diagnosed with hormonal imbalance, there are various treatments available.


a stressful lifestyle can inhibit the normal production of hormones. If you cannot avoid the stress then at least have some sort of stress reliever: a vacation or a trip to the spa – whatever it may be, can rejuvenate and renew not only physically but emotionally and socially. Remember, an unhealthy diet also contributes to hormonal imbalance. Consult a dietician or nutritionist. Additionally, exercise plays a big role in the regulation of hormone production. Thirty minutes of cardio exercise a day, three times a week, is enough to keep your hormones in line.


there are various kinds of food that control the excessive production of estrogen. An example of this would be soy products such as tofu, tempeh, and soy milk. These soy products have something called isoflavanoids that are considered to be like estrogen but weaker. When ingested, these isoflavanoids block the excessive production of the body’s natural estrogen and then, imitate its function.


in some cases, the reason for the abnormal level of hormones is a dysfunctional gland. A gland is where hormones are produced and it is possible that in hormonal imbalance, the gland may be overproducing or under-producing. The best option would be to repair these glands directly through surgery before they do any more damage.

4 Hormonal replacement therapy (HRT):

this should be the last option when treating hormonal imbalance. It is only considered for those who have severe cases because this treatment has serious risks and side effects and is something a physician can advise on a case to case basis.

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