How Can I Make The Leather Items In My Closet Last Longer And Stay Looking New

Leather items, especially purses and shoes, tend to stay trendy and in style for years. If you buy a leather bag or a pair of shoes, you should be able to wear them for a couple of years. Leather items can last you for a very long time if you treat them well and take proper care for them.

Store Your Leather Properly

Whether you have shoes, pants, jackets, or bags, you have to store your leather correctly. If not, you run the risk of damaging it, even when you are not using it. Leather needs to be stored in a place that is not to hot or too cold. It should also not be too dry or two humid. Sounds difficult, right? Not really. Most closets in homes are okay places for leather to be stored from season to season. Just prepare the leather before you store it for any extended amounts of time.

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If you are putting up that leather coat for the summer, you should make sure that you condition and clean the leather before you do. Then, store the leather in a cool, dry place. Too much humidity will cause mold, public enemy number one for leather. Keep the leather out of the direct sunlight and away from any sources of heat; these may dry out and crack the skin of the leather.

Since leather is heavy, it is best to hang it on wooden hangers, but strong, durable, padded hangers will work too. Stuff your leather items; the arms, legs, and insides of shoes and purses can lose their shape while in storage if you do not keep something in them. Taking care to do these steps will keep your leather items lasting longer and looking new longer.

Leather Clean Wipes Can Save The Day

To keep items that you use or wear on a regular basis clean, you need to have a few things on hand. First, you need some leather cleaner wipes. These will be for the deeper cleanings that you do. Then you need some unscented, sensitive skin baby wipes. These will work for quick cleanings that you have to do more often. At the end of the season, when you are going to switch out your summer bags for your fall and winter ones, take a leather cleaning wipe and wipe down the entire surface of your bags. Leave them out to dry before putting them away.

We all know that scratches, marks, and spills happen. So when you are carrying a leather bag for a few days, you are bound to have an accident or two with it. Use the baby wipes to wipe away scuff marks, lotions and oils from the handles, and stray pen marks that may be on the surface of the bag. These wipes are good for small daily cleanings.

Leather Shoe Protection

To keep leather shoes in shape, there are a few things other than proper cleaning, like your bags, that you can do to keep them looking good. First, have a cobbler put on a sole protector. This will keep the soles of your shoes lasting longer so you can enjoy more use from the shoes. Likewise, you should have the cobbler replace the lift on the ends of the heels. The ones that are on the shoes are probably plastic. Have them replaced with hard rubber ones that will last longer.

Spray a water protector on all of your shoes, no matter the material. This will protect them from rainy days and bad weather. If you find that your suede shoes have water spots on them, buff them out with a suede stone. This should remove the spots. Salt can ruin leather, especially shoes since they are on the ground when it has been treated for snow and ice. Wipe salt stains off quickly with a damp cloth.

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Keep the shape of your shoes by investing in shoe trees or stuff them with paper. Shoes tend to lose their shape when they dry out; this can be from getting wet in a storm or from daily wear. Feet sweat, and shoes have to dry. So when you put them away, put something in them to keep their shape.

Polish Your Leather Regularly

In order to keep your shoes looking their best, be sure to condition and polish them. If they become dull or lose their shine, buff and polish them to restore them. Also, shoes need some time off too. It might be tempting to wear your favorite pair of pumps every day, but let them rest so they will stay in their best condition.

Leather is like skin. You need to have an anti-aging routine for it so that you can keep it looking new. Be sure to prepare any leather you are going to be putting into an extended storage. Not preparing it may cause it to become moldy from humidity or crack from being too dry. Items that you wear or use frequently require a different kind of care. Leather, no matter if it is a coat, bag, or shoes, should be taken care of so that it will last longer and stay looking new. This is how you can make the leather items in your closet last longer and stay looking new.


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